Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

June 01July 31, 2018


June 01July 31, 2018


June 01, 2018
8 am11 pm


Online or In-Studio
211 Bronson Avenue, Room 304
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1R 6H5

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At the moment BEING is based in an old converted classroom in the Bronson Center. We have been in this beautiful community space for 13 years and have created and grown a lot in that time. We’ve made thousands of drawings and paintings and every cabinet, drawer and surface of our space is packed with art. We are ready to update our studio and get our work out of this room and into the world!

We have built an enormous amount of creative energy and experience over the years and are determined to take things to the next level. We are eager to create and collaborate on an ambitious scale. However we need your help! The $12,000 we are working to raise will help us become a vibrant presence in the arts community locally and beyond. Your donations will work to support a studio that allows us to create the kind of innovative, dynamic work we want to make. Supporting BEING studio will make this dream a possibility and will help shape an inclusive creative community that is open and accessible to all.

Follow the link below to learn more about the campaign and support the studio!