Through art shows and collaborations, BEING has become an important part of Ottawa’s art community. These events often open up opportunities for individuals and corporations to buy paintings and other works of art by our artists. The proceeds from these sales help us to continue to purchase art supplies and fund our program. It also supports the studio’s revenue sharing program which provides earned-income for the artists.

Explore the links below to learn more about our past and upcoming events and exhibits.


The Dream Catcher

March 01March 31

Addy Strickland created The Dream Catcher initiative based on her belief in the power of dreams to change the world.

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River Forest and Blue Sky

June 05September 30

An exhibit of paintings by artist Andre Lanthier reflect the artist’s passion for Canadian landscape and his exploration of colour, texture, and depth of field.

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Trophy, pop-up storytelling village

June 05June 05

An episodic performance and living art installation, Trophy features 150 architectural tents filled with individual storytellers sharing stories of change and transformation, and turning points in their lives.

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They Run In Herds

May 02June 03

15 works created by BEING studio artists

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Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

June 01July 31

Being Studio excited to announce the launch of our fundraising campaign to help BEING grow. We want to expand the opportunities available for our artists, and generate more opportunities for the public to see the incredible work created in our studio. Please consider supporting BEING to make these dreams possible!

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COLLIDE, an evening of art, music and board games

September 15September 15

BEING Studio is partnering with Beats & Boards to present  COLLIDE, an evening of art, music and board games. Come see our pop-up art show, play some sweet games and  celebrate the first anniversary under our new brand BEING. 

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