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About the Artist

I am a smart, bright, talented creative artist. I love doing paintings of nature because I like to keep animal spirits and love alive, and because I want to keep them in my mind, body, heart and soul. I am a very outgoing human and as an artist I am passionate about my work. I focus and concentrate and work hard. When I paint I like to put kindness, gentleness and love in my work and my drawings. I like to make my paintings realistic and lively and make them look like they are actually moving and living peacefully in the big, wide world. I make them so you can see them with your eyes, and their noise and sound will not disappear. It will stay within the painting, so that it keeps memory alive. Art should be for everyone so it can help other adults achieve their creativity and dreams. BEING means a lot to me because it makes me believe in myself that I can create something beautiful for the world, and let others know they can create, and anything can happen. I like to paint nature because I want to make a difference in the world.