Jessie Huggett

Wet Kiss

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About the Artist

I am a romantic, creative, kind person. I am an intellectual, I love the arts, I am an advocate, I love challenges, I am a performer. I am adventurous, open hearted, a mentor, loving, caring. I’m an artist with Down syndrome, and in high school I was judged and labeled because I had Down syndrome and because I was different. I had struggles and challenges but that didn’t stop me. I’ve been going to the studio for many years and I get recognized for my incredible abstract art work. BEING has helped me, supported me and believed in me. BEING has given me a voice and a chance to express myself through visual art and creative writing. My art has grown into something really unique and beautiful. I get to meet new people who share the same passion and it’s really fun. I’m a valued person, an equal.