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I started drawing when I was 10, I started drawing singers, and then people, then cartoon. My aunt is an artist’s, and my mom used to draw when she was younger it’s in my family to artist.I prefer to draw, I used to paint. I have always like drawing better. I really like cartoons- I do cartoons of Homer Simpson, sleeping beauty, Papa Smurf ,the seven dwarfs,theJoker, and Rick and Morty. I started drawing people again, portraits of my family. I also make cards. I use pencil first, then I used crayons or pencil crayons. I used to paint on canvas’s- I have now been mainly using my sketchbook. My whole life is art, it is super important to me. The more I worked on it the better I got. I do everything freehand. I like being as BEING because I found friends and it’s all about art. I used to do wheelchair basketball, and I used to play soccer, I am inspired by bands and music.