March 02March 30, 2019

Hubbard by Julie Fletcher


March 02March 30, 2019


March 02, 2019
4 pm7 pm


St. Charles Market, 140 Beechwood Ave, Vanier ON

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The artists at BEING studio have been working closely with local artist Christopher Griffin to create paintings based prints taken from the sidewalk. For several months Christopher has been coming into the studio to introduce a technique where asphalt is poured onto a section of sidewalk, then pressed directly into the canvas to create a unique print. The artists at BEING have used these abstract forms as a springboard to create a series of imagined creatures and landscape. Tarnation explores both the physical imprint and fantastic potential of the landscapes we move through.

Refreshments provided. St. Charles Market is an accessible space, but does not have and accessible bathroom.

Artists: Maria Aguilar, Elaine Bell, Malinda Caron, Sharlene Cooney, Sarah Cousineau, Anna Coulombe, Megan Donovan, Julie Fletcher, Jenny Francis, Doug Garrow, Chris Glor-Bell, Carol Gregory, Christopher Griffin, Christine Hammond, Maggie Hart, Mike, Alixe Hysert, Henry Hong, Jessie Huggett, Caroline Joanisse, Tracey King, Analisa Kiskis, Lizzy Langan, Andre Lanthier, Frances Laube, Amanda Lloyd, Jessie McComb, Chris Maveety, Kelly Merchand, Claire Lauren Nedzela, Suzan Ozkul, Nicole Paquin, Alanna Price, Debbie Ratcliffe, Jake Riseborough, Monika Roots, Marika Smart, Alexander Stuber, Alexa Vanveen, Nadia Walji, Jessica Whitney, Alyssa Wylie

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