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Our family of donors makes it possible to offer BEING artists the space, tools, and support they need to create and commercialize their visual art and creative writing.

BEING would like to thank our partners for their generous support in 2016:

(Gift of $2,000 or more)

• Clementine Vanveen
• CI Investments
• Franklin Templeton Investments
• Invesco Canada Ltd.
• RBC Global Assets Management

(Gift of $1,500 – $1,999)

• Jennifer Ward
• Kelly Santini
• Me-won Hong

($1,000 – $1,499)

• Richard Hinchcliff
• Patricia Gagnon
• Robert & Shirley Garrow
• William & Angela Vanveen
• Anthropologie Ottawa

($500 – $999)

• Angie Stockley
• Cheryl Ward
• James Fletcher
• Mary Anne King
• National Bank of Canada

($1 – $499)

Anna Maranta, Andrew Dunnet, Carole Coulombe, Diane Elie, Doris
Beck, Elaine Pond, Evelyn Beck, Frank Bourgeois, Fred and June Smart,
Improv Yourself, Jan Laube, Jeanne & Lain Page, Jennifer Olsen,
Jessie Stewart, Jozef Straus, Judy Dunn, Julie Fejes, Kate McDermott,
Laura Kefalas, Laverne Piper, Lise Gagnon, Lois Frankel, Lola Docherty,
Louise Bourgeois-Mitchell, Louise McNaughton-Filion, Martha Scott,
Melvin Musqua, Nepean Fine Arts League, Pamela McCurdy, Paul Rowsell,
Queen’s Players, R. Beauchemin, Regina Traczyk-Jurjonas, Richard Shafto,
Robert & Linda Bowes, Robert & Margaret Armstrong, Sharon
Brouwer, Sue McKee, Suzanne Swan, Teresa Tsang, Veronica Donovan.