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Felted piece with a moose in nature.
SPEAK Season 3 Episode 2: Stardom in the Arts
Elizabeth Langan
Drawing of a city landscape by Ashley Hiscott.
SPEAK Season 3 Episode 1: Lights, Action, Art
SPEAK Season 2 Episode 10: World Builders

In this last episode of Season 2 of SPEAK, Rachel and Fin invite guests to talk about the role of H’Art/BEING Studio in Ontario over the past 20 years. They talk to professor Michael Orsini (University of Ottawa) about the changes in disability rights since the beginning of BEING. Professor Eliza Chandler (Ryerson University) also talks about the importance of having access to a disability arts archive and Bucko shares his thoughts about being a disabled artist.

SPEAK Season 2 Episode 9: Sidekick

This episode marks the first half of a two-part mini-series on the evolution of BEING Studio over the past 20 years. This part focuses on late artist Irene Beck and the storytelling power of art. Artists and family members come together to react to and remember Irene’s paper bag collection, “Sidekick”.

SPEAK Season 2 Episode 8: Gertie and Polkadot
Bella Bowes
SPEAK Season 2 Episode 7: Funny Guy
SPEAK Season 2 Episode 6: Traveling the World with Claire
SPEAK Season 2 Episode 5: Communicating Artfully
SPEAK Season 2 Episode 4: Life In the Ocean
SPEAK Season 2 Episode 3: Brad, the Mouse, the Lion and the Animal Party