Bing cherry aka Caroline Joanisse

Spirit Bird

Acrylic on Canvas

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About the Artist

I am an artist, and through painting I can express my firm beliefs in
how much the disabled stereotype must be broken. I see myself as
somebody who is strong, dedicated, hard working, compassionate and
caring. I am an artist with a disability. I have fetal alcohol syndrome.
People can’t see it physically because it affects my brain. They see me
as impatient and frustrated, as somebody that needs more assistance
than the average person. I want to show the world that just because you
have a disability, there shouldn’t be limits to what you can do.
Hopefully my art gives a visual perspective of some of the difficulties
of having disabilities, like trips to hospitals, medications, and how
much of a role the family plays. I like being heard as an equal member
of society despite my own situation. All of us feel the validation of
art—that all art is created equal.