Contact Us

211 Bronson Avenue, Room 304
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1R 6H5

Studio Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Telephone: 613-234-8497

Email[email protected]

Our Staff

The experienced team behind BEING supports, promotes, and advocates for
our artists. Together they promote inclusiveness and nurture bold new

Facilitation Team

  • Namitha Rathinappillai, Studio Facilitator
  • Abigail Kashul, Studio Facilitator
  • Paul Hay, Studio Facilitator
  • Brigid Trott, Studio Facilitator
  • Aaron Daniels Casey, Studio Facilitator

Our Board

Our board is composed of a diverse and dedicated group of professionals, artists, and community members.

  • Rob Hyams, Board Chair
  • Yvette Lapa Dessap, Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Eilidh Kyte, Chair of Strategy and Fundraising Committee
  • Stephanie Germano, Secretary
  • Analisa Kiskis, Artist representative 
  • David Woods 
  • Lindsey Thomsen  
  • Michelle Bell 
  • Mike Kent
  • Gbenga Aliu