Brad Millar

Brad’s Self Portrait, coloured markers on paper

I was born in Winchester, Ontario but grew up in Vernon, Ontario, where I planted trees and flowers with a group called “Friends of Trees” when I was16 years old. I am Scottish and part German and love to travel to places like Kamloops, Victoria B.C., Vancouver, Colorado and Texas. I began travelling at 15 years old with my parents Betty and James. I have one sister and three brothers. I have a very big family that I love.

Linda and I were driving in a corvette convertable with the roof down, when suddenly the car broke down at the traffic light and I had to become the traffic director, because nobody arrived to help on time!

Brad Directing Traffic, pen and markers on paper

I am interested in pottery, portraits of people, self-portraits, drawing and painting scenic landscapes and nature. I love art because it helps me identify myself and tell my different stories.

A lot of my inspirations come from Vernon Ontario, environments and the people in my life such as friends, family, and community members. I work by cutting grass and shovelling snow.

I love to explore nature in my art and to share my different adventures and stories. I like to draw animals, birds, barns, flowers, trees because it feels good to do it. I like to learn about trees and flowers and how to draw plants and trees or barns. I like to draw pictures of special places, memories, churches and people.

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