Megan Donovan

Tree Hand Seedling, black marker and watercolour on beige-coloured paper

I describe my art with colours, ink, paper, paintbrush, watercolours, water painting and sometimes drawing with dots. I feel calm and good when I’m drawing and making art.

My Wonders of the World, pencil crayon on white paper

I use lines and patterns. I use water pencils. I describe myself with water drawings.

I like music.

I like to make things with my hands like my drum that I made from deer skin.

I was in a band called Airband Champs in 1998 where I played the air guitar with friends that I knew since kindergarten and performed the Backstreet Boys.

I feel good when I use paints.

I like to use my sketchbook to draw shapes and birds.

I like to draw everything.

I like to draw rabbits, little mermaid and polka dots.

I like to take pictures of trees and draw them.

Moose, owls, and an elephant at a dinner party.

They order some salad as an appetizer. Inside the salad there’s orange and almonds. They order lemonade.

They’re all thinking of getting married and then one of the elephants sneezes. The elephants spray lemonade all over the owl.

The owl says I don’t want salad, I want meat and I’m tired. I’m tired of salad…


Elephant Sneeze” are drawings that were made based on Megan’s participation in freelance journalist and artist John Loeppky’s writing workshops with BEING studio artists.

In these workshops, artists were invited to collaborate together to create a story. After creating the story with other artists, Megan decided to create artwork about the story.

The colours I like to use in my art are black and red.

Colours and shapes inspire me.



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