Blooming Popcorn Collective is a group of artists with different disabilities  who came together to create, and to make the arts more accessible. We are Ayesh Kanani, Analisa Kiskis, Ashley Hiscott, Debbie Ratcliff, Jessie Huggett, Jake Riseborough and Rachel Gray.

Durning the winter and spring of 2023 we met every two weeks to plan our projects, share our ideas and write a grant application together.

“We learned a lot from each other like what our dreams are, what our goals are. And if we could help each other to make it happen then it will work. “
Debbie Ratcliffe
“I think grant writing is more like telling your own story. You can write anything you want that comes from your head or your heart.”
Analisa Kiskis
“Some people have a different way of talking. It does not matter. We need to hear you.”
Analisa Kiskis

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts