SPEAK Season 2 Episode 8: Gertie and Polkadot

Bella Bowes: We’re all in Bed at the Cottage and the Animals are Probably Sleeping
Bella Bowes


Anne of Green Gables,

the horses outside,

teensies dressed up

with ribbons on their

hair, dressed up in



she had to swim back. she was wet and fell asleep in the car. we went to the fair and watched the horses get their ribbons on. i saw sheep and goats and horses in the arena. i made sure Tiegen stayed awake. my dad drove downtown. we were in a tent and on a stage. it was nighttime. lee was dancing and dat was singing. i sat very quietly and watched him and listened to him signing folk music on the grass. nighttime, cold, blankets. wiming in the poo in the [—difficult to read—]. i put the cover beside the [—difficult to read—] and turn on the pump. [—difficult to read—] I watched Bailey play hockey. It was [—difficult to read—]. I was in the arena.

Meet Bella Bowes, a painter and writer who shares her life with her two dogs, Gertie and Polkadot. Bella feels a strong connection to animals and nature. In this episode, we can hear her passionate reflections both in her conversation with Rachel and in excerpts of her writing over the years.